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Acest subforum este destinat dezbaterilor filosofice. Pentru discutii religioase va initam sa vizitati subforumul Universul Credintei.

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mesaj 31 Jul 2009, 12:21 AM
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Pride / Cynicism / Hypocrisy
„Both cynicism and hypocrisy are forms of pride; cynicism is the caricature of sincerity or frankness, whilst hypocrisy is the caricature of scrupulousness or self-discipline or of virtue in general. Cynics believe that sincerity consists in exhibiting shortcomings and passions and that to hide them is to be a hypocrite; they do not master themselves and still less do they seek to transcend themselves; and the fact that they take their faults for a virtue is the clear proof of their pride. Hypocrites believe, on the other hand, that it is virtuous to make a display of virtuous attitudes or that the appearances of faith suffice for faith itself; their vice lies, not in manifesting the forms of virtue – which is a rule that must apply to everyone – but in
believing that the manifestation is virtue itself and, above all, in aping virtue in the hope of being admired: this is pride, because it is individualism and ostentation. Pride is to overestimate oneself and to underestimate others; and this is what the cynic does just as much as the hypocrite, in a blatant or a subtle way as the case may be. All this amounts to saying that in cynicism as in hypocrisy, the self-willed and therefore tenebrous ego takes the place of the spirit and of light; these two vices are acts of theft by which the passional and egoistic soul appropriates what belongs to the spiritual soul. Moreover, to present a vice as a virtue and, correspondingly, to accuse virtues of being vices, as is done by cynicism posing as sincerity, is nothing but hypocrisy, and it is a particularly perverse hypocrisy. As for pride, it was defined very well by Boethius: “All the other vices flee from God, and only pride sets itself up against Him”; and by Saint Augustine: “Other vices attach themselves to evil, that evil may be accomplished; pride alone attaches itself to good, that good may perish.” When God is absent, pride necessarily fills the emptiness: it cannot but appear in the soul when there is nothing there to relate to the Sovereign Good. Beyond doubt, the virtues of worldly men or of unbelievers have their own relative worth, but the same is true of physical qualities at their own level: the only qualities that contribute to the soul’s salvation are those that are quickened by the Truth and by the Way; no virtue cut off from these bases has power to save, and this proves the relativeness, and the indirectness, of purely natural virtues. A spiritual man does not feel that he owns his virtues; he renounces vices and extinguishes himself – actively and passively – in the Divine Virtues themselves. Virtue is that which is.”

Frithjof Schuon

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mesaj 31 Jul 2009, 12:21 AM
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